Flow meter

HM turbine flow meter

Measurement of continuous and discontinuous volume flows

Turbine flow meters (HM) are meters that operate according to the principle of the Woltmann impeller meter. They measure the volume flow in a pipe through which a medium flow velocity is measured. The turbine wheel is subjected to an axial flow by the flowing medium and is set in rotation. The speed of the freely and unbraked rotating wheel is directly proportional to the average flow velocity over a wide range.

Turbine flow meters are mainly used in applications with lubricating and non-lubricating media. In particular, they are suitable for flow measurement of low and medium viscous liquids such as water, emulsions, glycol mixtures and light oils. The measurement of cryogenic liquids is also possible. Due to the flexible design, a large number of different process connections are available.


für niedrigviskose Flüssigkeiten in Dosier- und Abfüllanlagen

Der Mikro-Durchflussmesser LFM ist als Durchflussmesser für niedrigviskose Flüssigkeiten in Dosier- und Abfüllanwendungen aller Art einsetzbar. Das Messwerk basiert auf dem Prinzip eines Doppelringkolben-Zählers. Dank der geringen Pendelmasse und minimaler Reibungsverluste reagiert der LFM bereits auf kleinste Volumenströme. Für die Herstellung des Mikro-Durchflusmessers werden ausschließlich hochwertige Edelstähle verwendet, die selbst korrosiven Medien standhalten.


The proven variable area flowmeters in compact design, with intelligent device concept and impressive design allow quick replacement of components.


The first battery-powered thermal mass flow meter for gases. Easy to install and ready for immediate use, the Red-y Compact is the ideal solution for you and your plant. With its rotatable touch display, it is easy for anyone to use and can be operated both in battery mode or from a fixed power source.


Reliable technology and standardized interfaces for harsh environments: Our proven thermal mass flow meters and mass flow controllers (MFC) for gases red-y smart series are now available as IP67 / NEMA 6 version.


Proven technology and standardised interfaces, the precise thermal mass meters and mass controllers for gases of the red-y smart series are particularly suitable for measurement and control tasks in apparatus and plant engineering. The smart series can also be ordered with a display and control buttons to make important changes directly on the device.

SRZ Spindle flow meter

for highly viscous and abrasive media

Spindle flow meters are meters that operate on the positive displacement principle. Two cycloidal screw spindles with geometrically overlapping profiles are located in a cylindrical housing with high-precision interlocking. This creates closed measuring chambers between the spindle profiles and the housing wall, in which the medium to be measured is transported. The medium to be measured flows through the measuring chamber bores in an axial direction with forced guidance, thereby setting the spindles in rotation. This occurs pulsation-free and with minimal leakage. The speed of the spindles is exactly proportional to the volume flow over a very wide range. Pulses per volume unit are available for evaluation. The KEM Spindle Flow Meters are especially suitable for the measurement of highly viscous media due to the low pressure loss and low shear.

Tricor mass flow meter 

The TCM “CLASSIC” product line meets general industrial requirements and is easy to use. With low cost and limited specification it meets a wide range of applications. The product line is typically used in the painting, coating and dispensing of non-corrosive fluids requiring 0.3% accuracy and little or no maintenance.

VP FlowScope Probe

The VP FlowScope Probe is the perfect measuring system for consumption measurement during compressed air audits or permanent installation. The device is inserted into the pipeline via a bore hole and measures flow, pressure and temperature.

VP-Flowscope DP

The VP FlowScope DP is the perfect measuring system for consumption measurement in very humid compressed air. The unique design allows to measure in the compressed air blow-off line at up to 100% saturated humidity. The measuring principle is based on a differential pressure measurement.

VP-Flowscope In-line

The VPFlowScope In-line is the perfect measuring system for consumption measurement in permanent installations. The device measures flow, pressure and temperature.

VP-Flowscope M

The VPFlowScope M is a 3 in 1 measuring instrument for compressed air or technical gases.

The device is inserted into the pipeline via a hole and measures flow, pressure and temperature. The instrument does not require conventional recalibration but instead of sending in the sensor, it is simply exchanged on site.

ZHM Gear flow meter

for lubricating and non-lubricating liquids

Gearwheel flow meters (ZHM) are meters that operate according to the positive displacement principle. In the measuring chamber of the flow meter there are two gearwheels that mesh with each other with a defined clearance. Closed cavities are created between the teeth and the housing. The flowing medium is evenly distributed in the measuring chamber and sets the gear pair in rotation. The gear wheels rotate freely and unbraked in the medium flow. Their speed is proportional to the flow rate and is picked up by a sensor (transducer) through the housing wall without contact.