Check valve

A non-return valve is a valve that allows the medium flowing through it to flow in only one direction. In most applications the medium is a fluid, hydraulic fluid or gas.

Cryogenic valves

Cryogenic valves are used for applications where extreme temperatures occur. Such valves are suitable for fluids down to -273°C.

Needle valves

Needle valves are the first choice for applications where reliable regulation of media is required while maintaining absolute system tightness. They adapt effortlessly to all systems and have a long service life.

Proportional valve

Proportional valves convert an electrical signal into a mechanical control, typically used for pressure or flow control in the hydraulic, compressed air and gas industries.

Safety valves

Safety valves (overpressure valves) protect pressurized pipes or pressure vessels from an unacceptable pressure increase for the pressure equipment or pressure system.

Solenoid valve

The range of solenoid valves is offered in various types and configurations suitable for a wide variety of applications in hydraulics, pneumatics, instrumentation, medical, refrigeration and aerospace. The solenoid valves are characterized by reliability, fast and safe switching operations and compact designs suitable for demanding environments.