Pressure reducer

Back Pressure Regulator

Back Pressure Regulators are used where a defined pressure drop upstream of the regulator must be guaranteed. In contrast to safety valves, which only open and close again when the set pressure is reached, the back pressure regulator regulates exactly the set value. A typical application is the inerting of tanks. Inlet pressure reducers can be supplied for the lowest pressure ranges

Line pressure reducer

Line pressure regulators with a purity of 6.0. These regulators are supplied with compression fittings and a pressure gauge for the outlet pressure. Ideal for use as line pressure regulators and second regulator stage in gas supply lines.

Cylinder pressure reducer

Our single-stage and two-stage cylinder pressure regulators are designed for gases with a purity of up to 6.0. A drain valve integrated into the housing ensures a low internal gas volume. The models are lightweight and compact. Ideal for pressure reduction of high pressure gases in storage cylinders to low operating pressure or for calibration gases containing NH3, SO2 or NO. 

Electronic pressure regulator

The electronic pressure regulators combine the proven technology of our thermal mass flow regulators with electronic pressure control.

The devices automatically control a given process pressure and simultaneously measure and/or limit the flow rate. Maximum flexibility is provided by switching the function mode from pressure control to flow control during operation.