Heated hoses

Electrically or steam-heated PTFE/PFA tubing.

They are available by the meter or pre-assembled with accessories such as electrical connectors and shrink sleeves. Temperature ranges go up to 230 °C with fiberglass insulation. The PU sheathing is also UV resistant.

High pressure hoses

High pressure hoses are applicable for liquids and gases for pressures up to 3,200 bar. Various connection configurations such as threads, pipe sockets or HP fittings can be selected. On special request, the HP hoses can also be ordered with sheathing and safety cable.

PTFE/PFA hoses

Hoses made of PTFE/PFA and other fluoroplastics.

Special designs are available in different colours and in different wall thicknesses.

Thin-walled Teflon spaghetti can also be ordered.

Most corrugated tubes, PTFE/PFA and also PTFE heat shrink tubes are promptly available from stock.